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Growatt Inverter

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$400.00 USD
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* 1.5 KW, input voltage range between 50-500 V or 65-550 V

* Ultra low startup voltage at 50V-80 V

* Low noise emission <20 dB(A)

* 220-230V

High efficiency single phase inverter with 97.4% system efficiency. Perfect choice for TESUP Wind Turbines and residential PV systems. Aluminium housing ensures long lasting protection against moisture and corrosion. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (IP65). Max input current is 16 A.

2 Years free and standard TesupCare product warranty comes with this inverter.

    Image for TESUP Inverter used for wind turbines for homes
    Image for TESUP Inverter used for on-grid home connection of wind turbines
    Dimensions of TESUP home inverter for wind turbines